Guest: Aisha Khan, 19 year old from Toronto, Canada

Aisha is here to talk to us about poetry, among other things. Aisha is a published writer and last year she released a book called Zamana, under her pen name Anaa Gulzar. We talk to her about her inspiration, why poetry is important, what are the habits for creativity, is rap real music, and a dissection of one of her poems.

You can find her book Zamana via Amazon.

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Here’s the synopsis of the book , on the back cover:

“Zamana is a collection of poetry about time and the world. It is a realization of self told through the prism of time, revealing the multiple facets of existence, love, and culture. It embraces south aisan language and identity through its creative and clever use of Urdu and English.

The words await and nothing is more patient than the world’s clock always ticking forward in the same way.”

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