Marium (KHI)

#36 – Independence Day Trivia

In honor of August 14, 2019, we celebrate by bringing 6 guests on-board and playing Trivia! The questions are all about Pakistan and Pakistani culture.

New Guests

  • Awais – Karachi
  • Patch – Lahore
  • Ainy – Peshawar

Returning Guests

  • Hamza – U.K.
  • Marium – Karachi
  • Uswah – Lahore

#32 – Is our Education system GOOD?

Pakistan arguably has a rigorous education system. But is it equipping the students up for success? Are teachers given the resources to teach to their best potential? Are people finding jobs? 3 guests in this episode – Amaaz (23, ISB), Laiba (22, Lahore), and Marium (19, Karachi) discuss student life and the success of students depending on the efforts of the teachers, parents, and their environment. Amaaz and Habib also offer comparisons with studies in the west compared to Pakistan.