Maha (Canada)

#16 – Ludo: the Game of Emperors! (and Tharkis)

“Chess may be the game of kings, but Pacheesi is the game of emperors” – The Big Game Hunter, Bruce Whitehill.  In this episode, I talk to 4 different guests and ludo-lovers, to talk all about Ludo, including the history, luck vs. skill, the social aspect of the game, reason why Pakistanis are obsessed with it, and funny stories around the Ludo Star app.

#5 – Biryani and Dumbbells

Today we have 2 guests – Maha (Canada) and Dan (U.S.) to talk to us about health and fitness issues in the Pakistani community. Perceptions of health, as well as reasons why we don’t work out enough, and why uncles and aunties just can’t manage to lose weight – it’s all discussed here! This conversation has both fun and serious elements!

#3 – Best age to get married?

In this episode we go deep into the massive subject that is marriage, specifically in the context of Pakistani/desi culture, and to help us answer a specific question: is there a ‘perfect age’ to get married? Why do more singles want to wait before getting married now? Is getting married early really a ‘bad thing’ or ‘wasting your 20s’? How can you deal with parents that pressure you into marriage? Come listen to our chatter around this ocean of a subject.