Faras Aamir (U.S.)

#35 – Desi and I Know It

This episode’s special guest is 23-year old Faras Aamir (AKA Farosty) from Maryland USA, one of the founders of the popular Youtube entertainment channel – RwnlPwnl – which brought us awesome, hilarious parody songs like “Desi and I know it”, “Pissed Off”, “Have Some Gosht” and many others.

Faras’s other endeavors are a podcast called Strange Flavors which he runs with his friends/colleagues, and his own media brand called Alif Theory.

Check out RwnlPwnl: https://www.youtube.com/user/RwnlPwnl/
Strange Flavors Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/strangeflavors
Alif Theory: http://aliftheory.com/

In this episode, Faras talks about how his journey into the creative world started, his day to day life, and his perspectives on living in the U.S. as a Pakistani American, and much more. Credit to RwnlPwnl for these songs featured in this episode: “Desi and I know it” (Parody of Sexy and I know it) “Have Some Gosht” (Parody of Old Town Road) “Pissed Off” (Parody of Mask Off)