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My name is Habib Ahmed, and I run the Pak-Cord podcast. This podcast is a unique, modern Pakistani podcast focused on young Pakistanis all over the world. Each episode, we invite a new guest (or multiple guests) to discuss a topic or tell a story that relates our shared connection to Pakistan!

I started Pak-Cord in September 2018, and to date we have published more than 50 episodes and garnered much affection and wonderful feedback from our listeners. To run this podcast, I spend hours of work on the podcast each week, which includes recording with guests, editing, creating promotions for each episode, maintaining our website, and reaching out to other potential guests. Editing takes the most amount of time, as I spend between 5 to 8 hours of editing on each episode that we publish (depending on length of episode, number of guests, and a few other factors) – each and every second of the episodes are carefully examined and edited by myself to give you a highest-quality listening experience. Many other podcasts follow  a format of recording and uploading quickly with minimal editing, which works well for them; however, for the Pak-Cord experience, I work through our recordings from start to finish, and the final episodes are thoroughly well received by both our listeners and our guests.

I pay out-of-pocket for all expenses related to the podcast – including the podcast hosting service, website hosting fees, monthly advertising fees across Instagram/Facebook/Reddit/etc., Soundcloud subscription, and paying our dedicated artist for his tremendous work (check out our Instagram!). 

We currently do not have any sponsors, and in order to preserve the Pak-Cord experience we have refused to get ‘bought out’; so as you can imagine, all these expenses can add up. I work on this podcast out of pure passion, and will continue to support it as long as we have our wonderful community and your support and love with me! 

That said, I could certainly use your help- the podcast is my side-gig and passion project. Besides that, I have a full-time job, and between that and spending time with my wife and family, my days are quite busy! I assure you that all of your donations will be extremely appreciated, and leveraged to continue making this podcast more expansive and immersive for our global Pakistani community. 

People often ask me how they can support this Pak-Cord mission of uniting the Pakistani diaspora. And I tell them: write a blog for us. To do more, come on our podcast as a guest and tell us a story. And now, to do even more, you can donate to us and keep this fire burning ! This is completely optional and I only recommend those of you to donate who are well-off and already donating as much as possible to the needy.

Thank you, and Salam!

– Habib Ahmed
Pak-Cord Owner and Host

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