#9 – To Scotland, and Back Again

“I’m the great Scottish king who fought against the English tyranny!” , eloquently pronounced by the young and expressive Ammaz, as an impersonation of William Wallace.  In this podcast, Habib speaks with Ammaz, who is a 23 year old living a life full of new embraces, adventure and soulful growth, and the enjoy a brilliant and witty conversation.

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the country Scotland?… hmmmm..maybe green scenery, bagpipes or Mel Gibson starrer, Braveheart.  Whatever comes to your mind, this podcast will expand the horizons based on Ammaz’s living experience.  Based on his experience, Scotland was highly education driven, culturally embracing and ultimately welcoming.  He takes us on his journey to further his education in Scotland and pursue his degree in management.  After completing his education in Scotland, Ammaz moves back to Islamabad after 4 years.  During this duration one may wonder, will I blend well into my home country?  How much has it changed? How will these changes affect my life?  During his move, these questions were raised and answered.

As Ammaz landed 5 AM in Islamabad, the first thing he encounters is the smog in the early morning hours.  Traveling from the airport to his parents home he observes the new building infrastructure for new businesses and apartments.  His first impression is growth and expansion.  He later describes his euphoria for Pakistani women having the ability to handle themselves and joining the work force and the notable affordability.  There were a number of exciting points, which he discusses and is eagerly looking forward to.  In just a few adjectives, Ammaz is happy and excited to experience this new modern culture.  He is hopeful for a bright future, living in this modern mindset and looking for even more growth and even more acceptance of new ideas for all communities in Pakistan.

This podcast is both fun and informative as we travel from small town Stirling, Scotland to Islamabad, Pakistan.  Ammaz shares his experiences, expectations and future goals with Habib.  They share some laughs and jokes and overall guarantee a good time.