#6 – Lahore vs. Karachi vs. Islamabad (Urdu)

In our second Urdu-based episode, we bring 4 guests on board to discuss the Big 3 of Pakistan – Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad! Meet Noor from Karachi, Saneela from Lahore, and Shahrukh and Hina (husband and wife) from Islamabad. Tune into this meme-filled episode full of random jokes, and (maybe) learn a little from us!

Music Credit: Snack Time by The Green Orbs, Madcap Magma OcRemix by Fxsnowy and Skrypnyk

2 comments on #6 – Lahore vs. Karachi vs. Islamabad (Urdu)

  1. Syed affan says:

    Always karachi ❤

  2. Unknown says:

    Forever Karachi

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