All you need to know to record an episode with Pakcord!

How long does the recording take?

Our average recordings are 1-1.5 hours long. This seems like a long time, but it’s usually not when the conversation gets going!

What happens after the recording?

After the recording, Habib will edit the podcast. Editing can be time consuming, but well worth the effort. We edit out a lot of the long, awkward pauses, the “umms”, “ahhhs” (not all, but much of it). We also chop out dry portions of the conversation, and move pieces around to make it as interesting as possible for listeners. Typically, the final episode will be between 30 – 50 minutes in length. 

Once the final draft is ready, Habib will share the episode with you (if you like) to review. You can request any final changes, after which the episode is published.

How can I mentally prepare for the recording?

There really is not much prep that you have to do, unless the topic is research-oriented. If you are sharing your personal experiences, just be yourself. Typically, Habib will share a short list of questions/agenda with you, to which you can add/remove questions that you would like to be asked. Really, the topic is in YOUR control and if there’s something you specifically want to touch upon, make it heard!

What if I say something by accident on the podcast? Can I request certain parts to be removed?

Yes! The podcast is not live! We record the episode with you, and after that it goes into the editing phase. You can request changes prior to, during, or after editing. Once the final draft is shared with you, and you have no more change requests, we will go ahead and publish the episode.

Ahhh! I'm a little nervous!

This is extremely common – in fact we’d say at least half our guests have specifically mentioned being a bit nervous. What I (Habib) always mention is that the podcast is NOT live. We edit the podcast heavily afterwards and make sure you sound as good as possible. We remove long pauses and silences, awkward moments, and anything else that you don’t want in there. Of course, we leave some in, to make the conversations still sound like conversations, but just keep in mind that our goal is to make you sound your best!

Can I use a different name? How can you protect my identity?

Yes – a few of our guests have used fake names to keep anonymous. For some, we’ve even changed their voices slightly to add a further layer of defense. Just ask and we’ll work with you to make it happen! 🙂

What equipment do I need to record?

All recordings are done over the internet. So there are just 2 things required:

  1. A good microphone. Ideally, NOT your phone, but a better mic plugged into your phone or (ideally) computer.
  2. Discord. Discord is a chat application that allows both text and voice chats. We use their voice chat features to record. You can install Discord either on your phone (find it on the app store), or on your computer. Computer is easier. 

A huge plus (but optional): use a backup phone/computer to record yourself in case our signal gets weak during the recording. Also, having a backup recording can be extremely superior to voice transmitted over the internet!

How do I install Discord?

Discord can be installed either on your smart phone or on your PC. 

Here’s what you need to do:

  • On Android/iPhone, simply install from the app store.
  • On PC, you can install discord from here.
  • Once installed, send a friend request to Red VII#3643 (everything in bold, this is Habib’s username). If you need help learning how to add a friend, check here.
  • Wait for Habib to accept the friend request and he will message you there! =)