#7 – Culture Shock and Life in London

We feature 2 guests from London today – Kainaat (19, born and raised in London) and Saif (22, born in Pak, moved to London at age 14). We talk a little about life in the U.K., ups and downs of growing up in the west with a Pakistani background, religious extremism, and other tidbits. Music:...

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#8 – Spoopy Hour: Jinn Bhoot Stories

Did you hear that?  Did you see the shadow running across the room? The unknown sounds of a creaking wooden floor, children laughing in the middle of the night, a rusting bicycle chain circling from the distance behind you are all sounds we don’t want to hear when we’re alone.  For most of us, the...

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#9 – To Scotland, and Back Again

“I’m the great Scottish king who fought against the English tyranny!” , eloquently pronounced by the young and expressive Ammaz, as an impersonation of William Wallace.  In this podcast, Habib speaks with Ammaz, who is a 23 year old living a life full of new embraces, adventure and soulful growth, and the enjoy a brilliant...

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#10 – Why EVERYONE should travel more (especially Pakistanis)!

Meet Bilal Hassan (IG @mystapaki) from Karachi – Doctor, Traveler, Blogger, Visionary! Bilal shares WHY it’s so important for every single person – especially Pakistanis – to travel, even if you can only afford to travel within your own country. Also, how can we promote tourism within Pakistan and change outside perceptions of this great...

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#11 – Nomophobia; Rants against the Internet

Myra, Ammaz, and Habib start with the word ‘Nomophobia’ – a real, defined fear of being without your mobile device, and talk through a flurry of conversations

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#12 – Video Games: Fazool Waste of Time?

In 2018, the Video gaming industry is on track to hit 138 billion dollars of global revenue ,according to a Market FOrecast report form Newzoo. The same research forecasts this global revenue to explode more and more each year, projecting 180 billion by 2021. Compare this to the global TV & video revenue, and you’ll...

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