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#56 – The Foodie!

Meet Arifah, 22 year old from England. She’s here to talk to us about various things, but mostly about her most passionate subject: Food. She even wrote her dissertation on food! Arifah was born in England, moved to Saudi Arabia at a young age, then Italy, and then back to England. Although she’s never lived...

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#55 – Can you count in Urdu?

We speak to a number of Pakistani youngsters from Islamabad, Karachi, U.K., and U.A.E. to ask them : can you count to 100, in Urdu? Turns out, it’s not so easy, and as we collectively become more efficient with English, it seems we are losing the edge on our native tongues (Urdu, Punjabi, etc.) overall.

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“Studying Arts? Haw Haye!”

“Studying Arts? Haw Haye!” By Noor Jamshed Khan The subcontinent is a macrocosm shrouded in mysticism, spiritualism and bountiful springs of creativity. Surprisingly, we stand on the Earth that has witnessed a tsunami of cultures, languages, history and arts! Regardless of our blind eyes; those of us who reside within the blankets of our mother...

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#54 – Lockdown Madness!

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns across the world, we wanted to catch up with our Pakistani community on Discord and ask them how they’re doing. As you might have heard from previous episodes, we run a discord server which is basically a modern online chatroom service, that allows both text and voice chats. We...

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#53 – Zamana

Guest: Aisha Khan, 19 year old from Toronto, Canada Aisha is here to talk to us about poetry, among other things. Aisha is a published writer and last year she released a book called Zamana, under her pen name Anaa Gulzar. We talk to her about her inspiration, why poetry is important, what are the...

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Respect for the Essential Workers

Social distancing and masks are musts right now. Let’s not forget to be kind as well! One of the most difficult jobs I’ve worked was being a cashier. I worked at a busy retail chain store while in University, to pay for my day to day expenses. The reason I found the job to be...

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#52 – PSL 2020 Breakdown

Guests: Sarah Malik from U.S., Hamza Qureshi from U.K., Hassan Raza from U.K., and Hamza Farooq from U.S. All big Cricket fans! This group discussion features 4 guests, with the topic being Cricket, especially with a focus on PSL 2020 which was suspended on March 17, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We discuss the...

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#51 – Desibility

Our guest is 24 year old Adil Ghani from London, UK. Adil is the older brother of our previous guest, Aqil Ghani. He is also disabled, and in this episode he walks us through his life story – being diagnosed with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy at age 3, not being able to walk since age...

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PSA – Coronavirus

There is no shortage of information on the internet about COVID-19; in fact, it’s tough to avoid. Let’s talk about the Coronavirus from our angle, as a Pakistani community, and let’s talk mostly in Urdu. No guests in this episode, just Habib and you. Status update from Habib and his life dealing with the Coronavirus...

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#50 – I was a Coconut

“Coconut”: brown from the outside, white from the inside. Often used to describe desis living abroad who are not as near to or aware of desi culture, as they are to their local culture. Today’s guest: Aqil Ghani, 18 years old British-Pakistani brought up in South-east London.  Many of you might be wondering what is...

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#49 – Do Takkay ki Guftgoo (Part 2)

Listen on these apps: Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify Soundcloud Continuing our 2-part discussion with Hamza Farooq, Myrah Shafiq, and Manahill Shafiq. Episode #48 contains part 1. Previously we analyzed the highly successful and controversial Pakistani drama series – Mere Paas tum Ho. This episode continues that discussion, but not so much about Mere Paas...

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#48 – Do Takkay ki Baatein (Part 1)

For this episode you need 2 things – familiarity with Pakistani dramas, and a grasp of Urglish – that is Urdu + English. This one is a group discussion, all about Pakistani dramas and it is Part 1 of a 2-part discussion. We have 3 very enthusiastic drama-watching guests. Our main focus was to discuss...

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