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#64 – The History Buff

Satir Ahmed is a 22 year old history buff (fan) currently living in Newfoundland, Canada, for his studies. He has also lived the majority of his life in Qatar. Newfoundland is an island off the east coast of the North American mainland. The capital of Newfoundland is St. John’s. The island got global coverage earlier...

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The Population Crisis

Pakistan’s population has spiked dramatically in just a few decades. The nation had fewer than 35 million inhabitants in 1947. In fact, present-day Bangladesh , then referred to as “East Pakistan”, was larger in population than “West Pakistan”! Today, the country has over 200 million people – growing over 6x since inception. This is not...

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#63 – The Ertugrul Conundrum

We bring back our old “Do Takkay” squad from episodes 48 and 49 – Myrah Shafiq, Manahill Shafiq, and Hamza Farooq, to discuss the great Elephant surrounding Pakistan’s entertainment industry: Ertugrul. Ertugrul is a popular Turkish show based on the rise of the Ottoman Empire. After PM Imran Khan promoted the show to Pakistanis, the...

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#62 – Love Letters to Pakistan

Several old and new guests come together to share monologues (“love letters”) to Pakistan, to celebrate August 14, 2020. Celebrate with us by tuning in !

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#61 – PUBG Ban and Teen Mental Health

In this episode we want to shine a light on teen mental health. 3 teenager suicides took place around June of this year, one after another. All of these suicides were linked by authorities to a popular video game called Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG. Here is a Gulf News article that we read out on the podcast. The...

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#60 – A Story of Religion and Love

A love story from Canada, featuring married couple Sana and Will Saleh. Sana is of Pakistani background, born and raised British Columbia, Canada. Her husbad Will is a born and raised Canadian and a convert/revert to Islam. In this 50-minute episode, Will and Sana share the story of how they met each other, how Will...

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#59 – Stop Wasting Time!

20 year old Myda Baig from Lahore is a Psychology student, and she’s here tell us to stop wasting time ! Too many people are spending their days binging one movie after another, or lazing around, or not having any kind of short-term plan for success. Myda believes in having a properly structured day, with...

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#58 – a Muslim-Hindu Marriage Story

Meet Hina Husain, 32 year old living in Canada, here to tell us her life story, especially a major part of her life that involves marriage. Hina had a very nontraditional marriage, because she did not get married to a Pakistani man, or a Muslim man, as most Pakistani girls do. She married an Indian...

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#57 – Dana Wang on Pakistan

We speak to someone not actually from Pakistan. She’s not of Pakistani descent either, yet she has built a connection to the country. Our guest is Dana Wang. Dana is a travel enthusiast, photographer, and food addict from Australia. She also studied Law and recently graduated and got her first full-time job in Sydney. She’s...

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#56 – The Foodie!

Meet Arifah, 22 year old from England. She’s here to talk to us about various things, but mostly about her most passionate subject: Food. She even wrote her dissertation on food! Arifah was born in England, moved to Saudi Arabia at a young age, then Italy, and then back to England. Although she’s never lived...

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#55 – Can you count in Urdu?

We speak to a number of Pakistani youngsters from Islamabad, Karachi, U.K., and U.A.E. to ask them : can you count to 100, in Urdu? Turns out, it’s not so easy, and as we collectively become more efficient with English, it seems we are losing the edge on our native tongues (Urdu, Punjabi, etc.) overall.

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“Studying Arts? Haw Haye!”

“Studying Arts? Haw Haye!” By Noor Jamshed Khan The subcontinent is a macrocosm shrouded in mysticism, spiritualism and bountiful springs of creativity. Surprisingly, we stand on the Earth that has witnessed a tsunami of cultures, languages, history and arts! Regardless of our blind eyes; those of us who reside within the blankets of our mother...

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