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#25 – Music Scene

Welcome back! This episode is a 2-part discussion around Pakistani music. Featuring our main guest, Hamza Swaleh from the U.K. who has a passion for music and runs his own band, and our second guest, Hassan from Dubai.

Hamza’s Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nu_marc/

#24 – The Social Influencer

Haroon Tahir (24, from U.A.E.) has two lives: a marketing and PR consultant by day, and a popular social “Influencer” (he dislikes that word) by night. He blogs about fashion, writes his own poetry, and also shoots for various fashion and clothing brands. In this episode, Haroon shares his journey to becoming an Influencer, the ups and downs of social networks, and answers questions asked by his followers including – “what type of online hate do you get?” and “how can others become influencers?”

You can follow Haroon on Instagram – @haroontahir, and his website: haroontahir.com

#22 – Homecoming

A life story of returning to Pakistan from abroad., told by Anushae, 18 years old and full of wisdom. Anushae takes us through her journey growing up in various countries including Sudan, Ethiopia, Canada, and then eventually moving back to Pakistan in her teens. Of course, moving around so much isn’t easy growing up, especially throughout the world, so Anushae had her fair share of challenges, and she’ll tell us about them.

#21 – Life in Pakistani Fashion

In this episode, we have an in depth conversation with Aarinda Tul Noor, a 24 year old highly successful fashion stylist and marketer from Lahore. Aarinda gives us a detailed overview of her life, how she shaped her career, and also shares common misconceptions and assumptions people around her keep about the world of Fashion. Follow Aarinda on Instagram at @aarindanoor!

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#20 Muslim People Problems

Adeel Khan, 24, lives in Calgary, Canada. He has served as the President of the MSA (Muslim Student Association) at his university, and today he’ll share a few stories of his time throughout that journey, and also some of the challenges he saw within the Muslim community in his area. Also, Adeel has a podcast of his own called “Muslim People Problems” – check it out! =)

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#19 – Long Distance

Imaan, 18, from Karachi shares her personal experience of a long distance relationship with an Algerian, and the challenges of facing traditional norms. Interracial marriage, gender bias, and marriage as a bond between individuals versus a bond between families – Imaan hits these topics and many more as her story unfolds.

#18 – Why I Started This Podcast

What’s the big idea about Pak-Cord? In this episode, we talk JUST about this podcast, and give more information about the host, Red. We answer FAQs, including: is this a “liberal” podcast, what are our plans for the future, how can you star in this podcast as a guest, and more!

#17 – The iGeneration

Here’s our final episode of 2018! And our first episode featuring 3 teenagers: Ahmed, from Pakistan, Faaz from U.S., and Mavra from Canada. They bring their perspectives to the table on issues surrounding their age group – school, religion, peer pressure, and much more!

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#16 – Ludo: the Game of Emperors! (and Tharkis)

“Chess may be the game of kings, but Pacheesi is the game of emperors” – The Big Game Hunter, Bruce Whitehill.  In this episode, I talk to 4 different guests and ludo-lovers, to talk all about Ludo, including the history, luck vs. skill, the social aspect of the game, reason why Pakistanis are obsessed with it, and funny stories around the Ludo Star app.

#15 – Cousin Marriages

This episode is about Cousin Marriages.

In this episode, we invite a journalist who has studied and published about cousin marriage. She will share the result of her research, and she relates her research back to quite a few personal stories, to complete her perspective. We tackle cousin marriage from 3 angles – the facts, the culture, and the religion. Throughout this, we also often tap into other topics, like divorce, honor killings, and various other cultural issues.