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#31 – Careers & Planning Your Future (Doctor Nahi Banungi!)

What if you wanted to study Arts and Humanities, against the wish of your parents who want you to stick with Engineering or Medicine? How would you feel if you studied in a field for a long time, and just because of 1 failed course, you could not get a degree? What if you were pressured into going to medical school and wanted to drop out? What if you managed to drop out, switched to another field and challenged aggressively to catch up with other students while being asked why you dropped out? How do you get up after being put down like that?

In this episode we invite 25 year old Hamza (U.K.), 22 year old Aiza (ISB), and 18 year old Muskaan (ISB) – 3 youngsters at different stages of their lives, to discuss their difficulties around planning their futures. Then, we offer some advice for dealing with these challenges.

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#30 – Ramadan; is it Healthy?

We asked for your questions around health and fitness during Ramadan, on Instagram and Discord, and now we answer them!

Doctor Shagufta Feroz from Lahore (her website: picchls.com), discusses Ramadan in great depth and answers your questions.

Dr. Feroz is a nationally known holistic lifestyle medicine doctor. She is the only Asian who is an LMEd collaborator (Lifestyle Medicine Education collaborative) with Harvard University. A truly national pride for Pakistan. She heals all types of patients with her own founded synchronised lifestyle modification program. The beauty of her program and healing process is the simplicity by which she treats her patients which is purely through food. She has been in practice over the last 30 years and has reversed many chronic diseases including cancer through SLP. She offers individualized nutritional healing programs for clients throughout the country and abroad.

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#29 – Night Owls

This episode, we invited 5 guests – the most so far! Meet Muskaan (18, ISB), Amaan (19, ISB), Hime (18, KHI), Sami (18, KHI), and Saif (23, London). Saif has been on the podcast before, and everyone else is new.

The topic is a simple question: Why do you stay up all night? Every person on this episode pulls multiple all-nighters every week. Through that question, we get into other topics like stories of strict parents and late night obsessions.

We started recording this episode at 3 A.M. in Pakistan (an appropriate time for the topic) and stopped just shortly after Fajr! Enjoy.

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#28 – Unfiltered with Hira Hyder

An in-depth discussion with Hira Hyder, 26 year old Journalist and Life Coach based in Toronto Canada. Hira writes for 5 online lifestyle publications and is also a broadcast journalist for HUM TV Canada. She became especially well-known after her Twitter format of rapid-fire interviews, called “Hira Hyder 7Qs”, went viral with responses from celebrities like Ali Zafar, Mahira Khan, Ahad Raza Mir, etc.

In this episode Hira gives us a brief introduction to her life journey and how she got to where she is today, along with some motivational tips. Hira also discusses several other topics with her perspective, including depression and anxiety, inequities in Muslim countries today, challenges of growing up abroad while maintaining cultural and religious roots, stories around her interactions with various celebrities including Atif Aslam, and her views on feminism as well as the Aurat March 2019.

Timestamps of Conversation:
1:00 – Introduction
3:26 – What brought you back to Canada?
10:45 – How did you get to where you are?
18:52 – Insight into Celebrity Culture
28:30 – Depression & Mental Illness
37:50 – Your connection with Pakistan and Pakistani Culture while living abroad
46:17 – Challenges as a Woman and Opinions on #AuratMarch

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#27 – Drug Addiction in Pakistan

This episode is about Drug Addiction. We start this episode with Ahmed, 15 years old from Islamabad, who tells a personal story about his uncle who battled drug addiction. After this story, we move on to a more in-depth discussion on addiction with our main guests: Abdullah, from Islamabad, and Nasir, from Karachi. Hear it out and let us know your thoughts below!

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#26 Part B – The Too Sweet Show

In Part B,let’s get to know Buntoo Cage – host and owner of ‘The Too Sweet Show’, a video review show about video games. Buntoo is based in Lahore and 20 years old. We discuss his perspective on games, and also how he got the nickname Buntoo. Also in this episode are Noor, from Karachi, and Saif, from London.

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#26 Part A – Controversies in Gaming and Media

In this episode we discuss a lot of controversies, primarily based on gaming but also overall modern media. Featuring 3 guests: Buntoo Cage (20, Lahore, hosts ‘The Too Sweet Show’), Noor (24, Karachi), and Saif (23, London). This episode has some strong opinionated conversations, and while we may not all agree with the opinions offered, rest assured that this is just another wave in the diverse ocean of Pakistani opinions! This episode is Part A of Episode 26. Follow up with Part B for more focused discussion on gaming and to learn more about Buntoo and his show! Follow Buntoo Cage’s show on Facebook (@TTSSCage), Youtube (search The Too Sweet Show), or Instagram (@thetoosweetshow) to access his gaming content and reviews!

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#25 – Music Scene

Welcome back! This episode is a 2-part discussion around Pakistani music. Featuring our main guest, Hamza Swaleh from the U.K. who has a passion for music and runs his own band, and our second guest, Hassan from Dubai.

Hamza’s Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nu_marc/

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#24 – The Social Influencer

Haroon Tahir (24, from U.A.E.) has two lives: a marketing and PR consultant by day, and a popular social “Influencer” (he dislikes that word) by night. He blogs about fashion, writes his own poetry, and also shoots for various fashion and clothing brands. In this episode, Haroon shares his journey to becoming an Influencer, the ups and downs of social networks, and answers questions asked by his followers including – “what type of online hate do you get?” and “how can others become influencers?”

You can follow Haroon on Instagram – @haroontahir, and his website: haroontahir.com

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#22 – Homecoming

A life story of returning to Pakistan from abroad., told by Anushae, 18 years old and full of wisdom. Anushae takes us through her journey growing up in various countries including Sudan, Ethiopia, Canada, and then eventually moving back to Pakistan in her teens. Of course, moving around so much isn’t easy growing up, especially throughout the world, so Anushae had her fair share of challenges, and she’ll tell us about them.

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