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#41 – Sea View in Miami

24 year old Hamza Farooq from Miami is our guest today. Born and raised in the U.S., Hamza brings us a purely Pakistani American perspective.

Timestamps of Conversation
1:28 – Introduction
2:00 – Hamza discusses his time going to a Catholic high school
6:18 – Growing up in Miami, and the Pakistani demographics of the U.S.
10:03 – Hurricanes and weather related disasters in the U.S.
18:44 – Hamza’s connection to Pakistan
25:20 – Hamza shares the importance of knowing Urdu even when being born and raised abroad
28:00 – Issues with Pakistani American crowds in the U.S.
37:21 – Impact of 9/11 and gun violence


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#40 – Away from Home

Our guest for this episode is 22 year old Hassan Raza from England, U.K. (previously lived in Wales) Hassan moved to UK at the young age of 13. He passionately talks about his Pakistani background and adjusting to life in the UK while maintaining his love for the Motherland.

Timestamps of Conversation:
2:40 – Intro & adjusting to life in the U.K.
17:35 – Would you move back to Pakistan?
25:00 – Political Talk, why do people simply follow their parents when voting?
31:13 – Racism in the UK / US, and how racist are we?

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#39 – Jinn Bhoot Stories Again!

Our goal with this is simple: to scare the poop out of you and out of ourselves. And laugh while we poop. Mostly just laugh!

Guests: Muskaan (Night Owls), Noshirwaan from Lahore

Topic: Jinns, Bhoots, Churails, Possessions, Pichal peris, you name it.

Time Recorded: 1 AM in Pakistan.


The Chilling Exorcism of Anneliese Michel” on YouTube by Buzzfeed Multiplayer.

Nausherwan’s Doll Pic:

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#38 – Bhang aur Hum

Let’s talk Cannabis with Sabina, our special guest from Michigan, U.S. Sabina works extensively to promote and market Cannabis based products, and teach their value and benefits to the community. Follow Sabina on Instagram at @drcannabina! .

Resources shared by Sabina for your research:



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#37 – Life in Paris

Welcome back! What is life like for Pakistanis in Paris? In his case, 23 year old Saad was born and raised there. Saad gives us his perspective and insight into French culture, especially valuable for Pakistanis and non-French westerners.

Since Paris does not have an extremely large Pakistani community similar to London, Saad is open to use this podcast as a way to meet others! If you are Pakistani living in Paris, contact us via email (hello@pakcord.com) or Instagram and we can definitely connect you with Saad!

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#36 – Independence Day Trivia

In honor of August 14, 2019, we celebrate by bringing 6 guests on-board and playing Trivia! The questions are all about Pakistan and Pakistani culture.

New Guests

  • Awais – Karachi
  • Patch – Lahore
  • Ainy – Peshawar

Returning Guests

  • Hamza – U.K.
  • Marium – Karachi
  • Uswah – Lahore
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#35 – Desi and I Know It

This episode’s special guest is 23-year old Faras Aamir (AKA Farosty) from Maryland USA, one of the founders of the popular Youtube entertainment channel – RwnlPwnl – which brought us awesome, hilarious parody songs like “Desi and I know it”, “Pissed Off”, “Have Some Gosht” and many others.

Faras’s other endeavors are a podcast called Strange Flavors which he runs with his friends/colleagues, and his own media brand called Alif Theory.

Check out RwnlPwnl: https://www.youtube.com/user/RwnlPwnl/
Strange Flavors Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/strangeflavors
Alif Theory: http://aliftheory.com/

In this episode, Faras talks about how his journey into the creative world started, his day to day life, and his perspectives on living in the U.S. as a Pakistani American, and much more. Credit to RwnlPwnl for these songs featured in this episode: “Desi and I know it” (Parody of Sexy and I know it) “Have Some Gosht” (Parody of Old Town Road) “Pissed Off” (Parody of Mask Off)

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#34 – Burgers, Pizza, and Cricket

So Pakistan did not qualify for the Semi-Finals in 2019’s Cricket world Cup. What do they need to do next? We invite 4 cricket fanatics to this episode to discuss their thoughts and impressions on the Pakistani cricket team and the landscape of international cricket.


  • Minahil – 22 from Islamabad
  • Hamza – 24 from U.K.
  • Hassan – 25 from U.A.E.
  • ‘Baraf’ – 21 from Karachi
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#33 – The Case Against Rishta Aunties

Almost every single desi person will relate to the horrifying rishta process. I’ve been there myself. Getting asked by your parents and aunties about your plans to get married even when you’re still in school or perhaps just got your first job. This is especially troubling for desi girls as they often start getting proposals from a very young age, when they’re not ready for it.

Today we bring on 25 year old Zohra from California U.S. to talk about her encounters with various aunties, starting from when she was 15 years old all the way to now. Zohra was born and raised in the U.S. but has family in Pakistan and is well aware of the culture . Along with her expereinces she also shares her opinions on marriage and why she prefers to wait.

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#32 – Is our Education system GOOD?

Pakistan arguably has a rigorous education system. But is it equipping the students up for success? Are teachers given the resources to teach to their best potential? Are people finding jobs? 3 guests in this episode – Amaaz (23, ISB), Laiba (22, Lahore), and Marium (19, Karachi) discuss student life and the success of students depending on the efforts of the teachers, parents, and their environment. Amaaz and Habib also offer comparisons with studies in the west compared to Pakistan.

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