Join our Discord Server!

Discord began as a chat service for gamers to talk to each other while playing online video games. But then, it turned into much more. The Pak-Cord podcast has its roots in the Pakistani community on Discord. 

Discord allows both text-chats and voice-chats (like group phone calls), the latter of which is primarily how we record our podcast, as well. 

Within Discord, you have various servers which you can join. Here are 2 servers that we recommend Pakistanis to join.

  • Join the Pak-Cord Podcast server:
    • Managed by Habib, a small server designed for recording our podcast and having its own little community.
  • Join the larger Pakistani server:
    • Founded by Habib, but no longer managed by him, but by fellow friends. Not associated with the podcast.
    • The most active Pakistani server on discord. We average 15,000+ messages daily, have active voice and music channels and a ton of active members. The server has active users from across Pakistan, UK, America, Canada, Australia and the Middle East. As a result, it is active around the clock and there is almost always someone to talk to.

Preview of our Podcast Discord's #introduction channel: